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FreeOnlineSurveys has free features for managing contacts, creating surveys, and analyzing results.

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Start growing your business with data-driven insights in three simple steps: Build > Send > Analyze.

The all-in-one tool for research and marketing

All the features individuals and small businesses need to power their research and collect feedback from those most important to your growth.

Research & Marketing CRM

NEW: Manage contacts. Track lawful basis for processing data. Record explicit consent. Grow your audience.

Poweful reporting

Filter survey reports by response, contact, and email data. Compare data sets to identify trends with cross-tabs.

Full design control

Make each survey your own with full set of customization tools, from theme colors, to fonts, to images and videos.

Question logic

Send respondents to different survey pages based on their answers to personalize their journey and optimize your results.

Quiz scoring

Apply points to questions and we'll calculate respondent scores automatically. Show or hide results upon completion.

20+ Question types

From multiple-choice and matrix questions to scales, sliders, and ratings. You'll find the right way to ask any question, for free.

Store and manage contacts

Build a single point of knowledge for those most important to your business.

Group contacts

Organize your research and marketing contacts into gorups based on the types of camapigns they've asked to receive.

Track compliance

Assign each group a legal basis for processing contact data to ensure you're compliant with the GDPR.

Custom fields

Create custom fields for contacts for when you learn something new about your contacts that can help you grow your business.

Free CRM
Free Survey Builder

Survey design at its best

Your data is compiled into professional survey reports that make analysis a piece of cake.

Intuitive survey builder

Create surveys in minutes using our AI question prediction tool or manually choose from over 20 question types in our library.

Custom languages

Choose from one of our language templates or create a custom language for your survey to improve the experience of international respondents.

Sharing surveys

Collecting survey responses has never been easier. Share a URL link, embed surveys on your website, use a QR code, create pop-ups, target survey audiences, and craft stunning email invitations.

Professional survey reports

Your data is compiled into professional survey reports that make analysis a piece of cake.

Filters and cross-tabs

Filter your data by contact information, response data, and email metrics. User cross-tabs to compare two or more sets of data to identify patterns and trends.

Multiple reports

Create multiple reports for your survey based on filters and cross tabs to present different views of your data,

Export data

Export your survey data as an XLSX spreadsheet or a PDF version of your report. Or make your digital report accessible with a URL link.

Email Metrics In Survey Results Report

Advanced features to grow your business

Our plans are designed to support you as your business grows. More specialized features, more team users, unlimited response storage.

Calculate NPS

Track your Net Promoter Score, measure customer loyalty, and identify the advocates of your business.

A/B testing

Remove the guess work by split testing images, videos, and text in surveys to see what performs best with respondents.

Separate PII and response data

Maximize your compliance standards with Pseudonymization, which separates all response data from personal information.

White label

Remove FreeOnlineSurveys branding from the surveys, quizzes, forms, and emails you create in the app.

Domain branding

Replace the FreeOnlineSurveys domain for your survey, quiz, and form URLs with your own website domain.

Custom survey links

Customize survey links to provide a fully branded experience to respondents. E.g. website.com/surveyname.

Build a team

Invite colleagues to join your Organization on FreeOnlineSurveys and share the features of your plan.

Collaborate on projects

Share surveys, quizzes, and forms with your team members and build and analyze projects together.

Full admin controls

Organization admins can access all team user accounts in order to review data management practices.