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Release Notes For Free Online Surveys March 2023

Release Notes: One Question Surveys

We’re thrilled to announce the latest update to FreeOnlineSurveys, which introduces a range of new features to improve survey and quiz building in the app. From a whole new survey type to personalization features, we’ve got something for everyone.

Table of Contents

New Survey Type: Single-question per page

Our latest survey type is designed to keep respondents engaged and increase completion rates by displaying one question at a time, perfect for short research and lead generation campaigns. Not only will this help respondents stay focused, it’ll also reduce the impact of survey fatigue.

You can choose this new type when creating a survey, or by switching from the Classic format in the Theme menu.

New Survey Type: Single Question Per Page
Single-Question per Page Surveys - FreeOnlineSurveys

Add a progress bar

We’ve introduced a progress bar that gives respondents an idea of how long your survey will take to complete and what information they may need to prepare.

Progress bars will only display your page or section titles, not every question in your survey. You’ll also be able to to hide sections from the progress bar, which is perfect for if you’ve used Question Logic to create custom paths for respondents.

Progress Bar - FreeOnlineSurveys

Display images for questions or sections

We wanted to give you more control of your survey design, enter: Page Images.

You can now add images to a single question or a whole section of questions to provide context or simply ensure your branding is present throughout.

Page Images - FreeOnlineSurveys

Greet respondents

We’ve added a welcome section to greet respondents and share any important information about your research or data processing activities. This section is perfect for setting expectations for your respondents and is present by default when you create a new single-question-per-page survey.

These new sections can also be used as headings to break up your survey.

If you’d like to add more, simply:

  1. Click ‘New question’
  2. Select ‘Greeting / Heading’
Add a Welcome Section To Surveys and Quizzes
Welcome Section - FreeOnlineSurveys

Filter themes by type

You’ll notice a new filter dropdown in the Themes menu, which allows you to find the best theme for your survey easily. 

These filters will only be available for the classic survey type, but not to worry.

If you’re using the single-question-per-page survey type, we’ve created a range of optimized themes especially for you.

Disable auto-scroll

We’ve also added the option to disable the question highlight bar and auto-scroll feature for classic surveys, giving you more control over how respondents experience your surveys.

To disable auto-scroll:

  1. Open the Theme menu
  2. Switch off the Question Highlight (auto-scroll) feature

Wrapping up

See, we told you there would be something for everyone in this latest update. These new additions will help make your surveys more interactive, engaging, and personalized.

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